Mentor Agreement Document

In the course of your voluntary mentoring with Vinnies Connect, you may become privy to mentee personal information.

As well as basic identification information such as name, address, age etc. you may gain more sensitive information related to such things as beliefs, affiliations, health issues etc.

The names of mentees, all information about them and information on the assistance they are receiving must not be disclosed or discussed with other mentees, family members or other people not involved in the provision of assistance to that person.

Information can be discussed with:

  • the mentees themselves
  • Vinnies Connect staff
  • other health professionals
  • any family member designated as the ‘person responsible’ by the mentee or their legal guardian.

In signing this Agreement, you acknowledge that you understand your responsibility to maintain your mentees’ confidentiality and you agree that you will not obtain, use or disclose information in any way which is contrary to the conditions set out above.

In addition, when you become available as a Vinnies Connect mentoring volunteer you are providing consent for your first initial, suburb, age range as well as interests and availability information to be able to be viewed on a web page that can (only) be accessed by waitlisted mentees.

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